The Proposals

An outline planning application for the regeneration and repurposing of the former Laporte Works  will be submitted to Tandridge District Council early in 2021.

Under the proposals as envisaged the site will be redeveloped to include:

  • A development of 239 high quality and sustainably constructed new homes that will provide a range of different sizes and types of properties, including affordable homes, set in four character areas that will make an important contribution in providing much needed housing in the local area.

Tandridge District Council needs new homes in the area, particularly affordable homes, these will either require large scale new towns to be built or villages to fulfil the need by accommodating smaller developments within existing villages. Large scale new development while building significant numbers of homes has the disadvantage of creating an impact on the surrounding communities without delivering any direct benefits to them.


  • A Rehabilitation and Respite Care Facility that seeks to maximise post-operative recovery and provide short term respite care.
  • 100 Extra Care Apartments that will enable independent living with the reassurance of on-site care provision.
  • A revolutionary outdoor Activity Park for all ages and abilities that will encourage a healthier lifestyle with all the benefits of increased physical and mental wellbeing through exercise.
  • A Wellbeing Centre that will include;
  • An NHS GP surgery and pharmacy
  • Small community shop stocking essential items
  • Restaurant and café
  • Creche
  • Business hub for home workers
  • Community event space
  • Indoor and outdoor gyms
  • Open water swimming
  • Wellbeing and sport treatment rooms
  • Outdoor children’s play area
  • Changing rooms, toilets and other amenity facilities

We hope that these can be operated in partnership with existing businesses in the area and we are very receptive to local interest. These facilities will improve the sustainability of the local area through the provision of enhanced social infrastructure decreasing the need to travel.

  • The creation of at least 200 new long-term job opportunities at Nutfield Green Park and a further 130 during the construction period.
  • Improved cycle and footpath links to Nutfield and the wider area and a connection to Sustrans Route 21 to encourage sustainable travel. Retention of the existing public rights of way crossing the site.
  • Enlarged car parking facilities for St Peter and St Paul’s Church and the Woodland Cemetery with a connecting footpath.
  • The creation of substantial new woodland areas; in excess of 17,000 trees and shrubs will be planted, wildflower meadows and wetland features for ecological benefit that will contribute to targets of the Holmesdale Biodiversity Action Plan.

Contributions  through the Community Infrastructure Levy will be made for education, highways, hospitals and emergency services.


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